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Otro libro sobre la historia del Palmar de Troya

Ave Maria Purissima!

I have started the translation of another book on the history of events in Palmar de Troya.  Why be so concerned with obtaining and sharing the history of Palmar?  Well, with all the "traditional" groups out there claiming to be the continuation of the One, true Church founded by our Lord, Master and Savior, Jesus Christ, it is absolutely essential that there be proof that only one of those groups is fulfilling that singular position.  So in these last times, when there reigns so much confusion about the above theme, there must be clear signs that Heaven was/is performing "works" associated with that one and only place on Earth.  All those groups who claim that they are the true Catholic Church, let them show us the signs from Heaven that God has, in fact, chosen the persons involved in those places/organizations as instruments of His absolutely necessary Divine Providence so as to conduct as many souls as possible to that place for the guidance that God has promised to His Church until the end of time!  Let that person/group show how they are, through compliance with the established teachings of God's Church throughout the ages since the time of Jesus and His Apostles, a guidance to misled and/or confused souls by Rome's aberrations. (definition:)

1. the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
2. the act of deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type.
3. deviation from truth or moral rectitude.

Let that person/group provide supernatural facts of God (and His Saints) comforting souls who are thirsty for the true teachings from Heaven by Divine intervention which clearly shows that:
Rome: “…fallen, fallen is that great Babylon…” (Apocalypse:14:8)
God is still manifesting proof of His being the Shepherd of His one, true flock.
The Divine Shepherd and His Divine Pastoress are giving warnings of what has taken place in His Church, especially its hierarchy (from where the flock should normally be guided and warned, comforted and taught by that hierarchy so that Heaven does not need to intervene in an extraordinary manner because the hierarchy is fulfilling its role of representing Christ and the Apostles).
Through the person/group whom God has chosen, steps are being taken to re-establish His Church as He meant it to be as He personally established it from the beginning, with the most wise and noble assistance of His own Mother, the Divine Doctoress, taught and tested to an incalculable extreme for such a purpose.
Let the person/group chosen by God be identified by enough prophecies from time immemorial to prove to those sincerely seeking God’s Church that they can identify that person/group as being chosen by God precisely for saving His Church against Her enemies.
Let other places of apparitions, visions and miracles identify and confirm that the person/group claiming to be God’s instruments for saving His Church are precisely where and with whom Heaven is working.
In what concerns the selection by God of the persons used as instruments of His Providence, there seem to come from nowhere all sorts of persons who have made themselves judges of God’s ability to choose.  They have become experts in knowing whom God should select for His designs and for the good of His Church, while they, themselves, seem to lack mirrors in their own house to insure that they fulfill the requirements of their own judgments. Without wanting to delve too deeply into their own sins and shortcomings as regards fulfilling God’s will, they are most eager to point out the finest details of the sins of their neighbor.  Those claiming to receive orders from Heaven to carry out missions for the good of the Church and souls—backed by ample proof with long lists of witnesses, become the targets of those who never seem to look at themselves!  From his book “Catholic Controversy” Saint Francis of Sales points out some interesting truths which clarify such an attitude (attachment).

When God’s ministers collectively fail in their mission of teachers, defenders, sustainers and guiders of His Church, we need look no further than the Prophet Ezekiel for our comfort (attachment).

Show me all you who claim to carry on as the continuation of God’s Church on this Earth.  Show me that Heaven intervened, as God promised, to save His most beloved Spouse from Her enemies.  Show me enough proofs to convince me, and after much prayer and studying of your fruits, comparing them to the age-old teachings of our cherished Catholic faith: God, Himself, will acknowledge my decision if it is to follow you.

Hopefully this explanation will suffice for pushing--insisting that you take this endeavor seriously and read what is painstakingly being translated, albeit not so professionally, for shedding more light as to where God has been working on Earth for the purpose of saving His Church.  It's that serious!  It's the most serious theme of our existence!  God guide you to Himself through His Church!!! (2 attachments)

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Father Joshua Maria of the Holy Face

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